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Benefits of Fish Oil

Fish Oil Fights Sunburn

We are now used to warnings about the damage that the sun can do and statistics on skin cancer cases are worrying. There has been a two-thirds increase in skin cancer since 1990, according to the Canadian Cancer Society. In the US the American Cancer Society estimates that about 33,580 men and 26,000 women will be diagnosed with melanoma this year. About 7,770 men and women would die of the disease.

In two separate studies, regular fish oil supplements were found to protect the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun

In just one month the volunteers were noticeably less likely to burn than before taking the oil, rising to 33 per cent less likely in three months.

A second group who suffered sun allergies doubled their skins' defence against UV rays after six months.

Dr Lesley Rhodes, a dermatology expert, thinks it could have implications in preventing skin cancer, but should you throw out the sun block?

"It could have a very significant effect on skin cancer prevalence in the future.

I am not saying that we should stop using sun creams, but this could be an additional measure to protect the skin all the time."

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